PCT - Recovery after a course of steroids

After completing the course of steroids, you need to minimize muscle loss and restore your natural testosterone levels.

Remember: when you finish the course of anabolic steroids - you will always lose weight. Always lose muscle mass, no matter what PCT you use, no matter what super techniques you use, you will always burn part of the gained muscle mass. Why?

The fact is that the male body, on average, produces -5 mg of testosterone per day - this is one methane tablet. Let's say you have 700 mg of methane per week on your cycle, 100 mg of methane is produced per day, and the natural dosage is 5 mg.

This is the advantage a person gets on chemistry, the dosage of sex hormones is 20 times more than the natural dosage of an ordinary person. The body cannot provide such amounts of testosterone gain. Post cycle therapy That is why when a person gets off the course of steroids, he always loses some of the gained mass.

Conclusion: on PCT, the task is not to preserve your muscles gained on the course; on PCT, the task is not to destroy them even more than nature envisions. When a person begins to ineptly experiment with his hormonal system, or when he puts a lot of excess stress in the gym.

We need to minimize losses

  • The more steroids you used on the course, the more loss in muscle mass and strength will be after the course (more rollback).
  • The longer the course of using anabolic steroids was, the greater the rollback after the course.
  • The less you use the dose of the drug you use during the course, the less your gain, and the loss, respectively, less, in the same way in terms of admission.
  • Reduce muscle loss by PCT
  • You need to concentrate on getting the natural balance of sex hormones back. To have their own production, and women need to be lowered, because after a course of steroids as a result of aromatization there will be more of them.
  • It is necessary to achieve the restoration of libido, and spermatogenesis.
  • To put in order the condition of the liver so that bilirubin is normal, cortisol helps for this.
  • Cholesterol. Good nutrition, a lot of fatty fish, fish oil (omega-3) and monitor the state of cholesterol.
  • Reduce cortisol levels. On the course, we are used to working with a very high intensity of training, and after a course of steroids, this intensity must be reduced in order to lower the level of cortisol.